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My work explores human connection through our experience of popular culture, music and travel. The importance of nostalgia in an ever rapidly changing world and the power of music to transport us to a moment in memory is a recurring theme throughout my work.

Bringing together skills from a graphics, experiential and packaging design background with my passion for printmaking and mixed media, my work combines screen printing, sculpture and paper craft techniques in a playful expression of how our self identities are shaped by the way we choose to remember experiences. 

02 Trouble Starter Printmaking.jpg


My screenprints are small limited editions that are created from concept through to signature with my own inky fingers, a lot of passion and bunch of patience. Due to the nature of the hand screen printing process, each print from an edition has it own unique quality.


Handprinted at Print Club London and Hot Bed Press in Manchester.

As someone who has often been described as a 'free spirit' my love of music, travel and adventure shapes my creative journey. I believe we are most closely aligned with our true nature when we are following our passions and connecting with our dreams. 


Do what you love and you will never have a problem with Monday.

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